Island Falls Forestry

IFF logoIsland Falls Forestry L.P. is wholly owned by the Taykwa Tagamou Nation and manages agreements with forestry businesses on behalf of the First Nation.

Currently, Island Falls Forestry has license agreements with Tembec and with Abitibi Bowater for more than 350,000 m3 of wood per year. In addition, Island Falls Forestry has recently completed 40 kilometres of site preparation for the Detour Gold project transmission line, and will complete the final 40 kilometres in Winter 2011/2012.

Contact Information:

Mark Massicotte, General Manager
705-272-4290 or 705-271-5746
Mark McPhee,Operations Manager
705-272-4290 or 705-272-9259

Island Falls Forestry L.P.
Box 2294

Forestry services and skills:

  • Brushing, powerlines, ditches, sides of gravel  roads.
  • Ditching
  • Winter/Summer road building
  • Brushmat/calaycap roads
  • Culvert/portable bridge installations
  • Floating
  • Log haul- load/haul
  • Slashing timber
  • In bush chipping operations
  • Timber harvesting
  • Road maintenance
  • mitigation control work around lakes, rivers,  creeks etc.
  • Pits

Mining services and skills

  • Pit stripping
  • Tailing ponds
  • Rock blast haul uke trucks
  • Water mains/sewage
  • Camp site preperation
  • Roads- Winter/Summer
  • Timber clearing
  • Housing Landscaping
  • Deliver- gravel, sand, top soil etc.
  • Dig basements
  • Weeping tile
  • Water main/sewage
  • Driveways/landscaping

List of Training:

  • First aid/CPR
  • propane handling
  • chain saw license
  • Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Association  Training
  • Incident Investigation, Occupational Health &  safety
  • Planned work Place Inspection and Hazard  recognition
  • S-102 Fire Training
  • Basic fall Protection certified
  • Certified health and Safety Officer
  • Common Core and Open Pit certified
  • Bridge Installation certified
  • FOIP certified

Work is done through highly qualified and experienced local contractors like Genier Bros Trucking Ltd, Digalot Hoe Services.