History: Pre-European contact

The Cree have lived on the land from the Beginning of time, and it was long ago that a major flood passed over the land and destroyed much of the earth. Wesakachak, a Cree trickster-hero, floated along in the flood waters with Otter, Beaver, and Muskrat. The Creator granted Wesakachak the power to remake the world, but to do so he must first bring to the surface some of the land from below the flood waters. Wesakachak could not do this on his own as the water was too deep, so he asked the animals with him. Otter and Beaver both tried to go to the bottom of the water and bring up land, but it was too deep for them. Muskrat, the smallest of the three, also tried twice and failed, but refused to give up. On the third attempt, Muskrat dove very deep and nearly drowned, but was able to bring up a piece of the old earth. It is from this that Wesakachak was able to remake the world.

The Mushkegowuk Cree people lived off the land, hunting, gathering, and fishing for food and furs. The many rivers, streams, and lakes of what is now North Eastern Ontario provided canoe routes and access to an abundance of fish. Waterfowl were hunted in both the spring and the fall as the birds followed their annual migration routes. The Cree traded amongst themselves and with other communities in Ontario.